During what is a truly challenging time for everyone on this planet, Sungod has temporarily moved off the ice and into the virtual world of online support for our members. Not missing a beat, we moved forward with online classes and activities to coincide with what would have been the start of our 2020 Spring season. It was the intent of the coaching staff that this challenge in social distancing would not affect the further development of the skaters.

The club is offering online classes in:

Off-ice strength and conditioning,
Technical dryland jumping sessions,
Weekly Theory Classes
Social activities where we are keeping the spirit of the club active.

At this time these sessions involve only the skaters from Junior to Elite levels but plans are in place to also include the Junior Stars Academy, StarSkate Academy and Pre-Star 1 programs in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for further updates and get involved in this newest form of skating without ice!