Important Summer 2019 Information

Dear Members,


Thank you for your patience with the release of the summer schedule as we have worked hard to provide the best possible opportunities and a schedule that is conducive to all our skaters’ needs.

Click here to find the full complete schedule for the summer programs running for 7 weeks from Tuesday 02nd July through to Friday 16th August. Also, please take note of the time changes for all sessions in Week 7 ( August 12th – 16th ) where we have earlier start times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The full summer program will take place at the North Delta Recreation Centre at 1145 84 Avenue, Delta, BC, V4C 2L9.


You will notice we are piloting a couple of new ideas this Summer to evaluate their potential for future inclusion within the club’s structure and/or program delivery format. These new initiatives include competitive theory class, competitive video analysis and the inclusion of a new Senior B development stage. The two competitive sessions are for the athletes who have already competed in the competitive track events of Juvenile U12 to Senior levels. The new Senior B category is one we are piloting for the future and using the summer program to evaluate its’ potential inclusion within our development structure.


As in previous summers, we will be honouring the policy the club has held with regards to skaters wishing to participate in the Super Series SummerSkate Competition in Burnaby where a skater must complete the full final two weeks of the summer ( weeks 6 & 7 ) in order to register and represent the Sungod Skating Club at this competition.

However, after much consideration and discussion with the coaching staff, we would like to bring to everyone’s attention a new policy with regards to these arrangements that will be implemented next year for the summer 2020 program.

Skaters wishing to compete at the 2020 Super Series SummerSkate competition must comply with the following training criteria:

  1. Skaters competing in the StarSkate events from Star 1 through to Gold level, plus Pre-Juvenile U13 and Juvenile U14 must complete the final 3 weeks of the summer program with a minimum of 3 training days per week.
  2. Skaters competing in the competitive track events from Pre-Juvenile U11 through to Senior level are strongly encouraged to complete the full 7 weeks of summer training but will be permitted entry to the competition, if as a minimum, they complete the final 4 weeks of the summer program with 5 training days per week.

We are releasing this information at this time to allow for all members to have amply time next year to consider their arrangements if wishing to compete at this event.

Either myself or Assistant Director of Programs, Lani Dickson will email the skaters involved in this competition before the end of next week. Closing date for the event is Wednesday 03rd of July 2019 by no later than 11:45 pm. This is a Super Series event so do not worry about early registration, all entries are received and accepted for these events. Please await communication from either myself or Lani before going forward with your registration.


As with previous season’s the Director of Programs will contact all members who will be moving to another level within the club structure for the summer program by Friday 14th of June 2019. All other skaters register at the same level you were in for the Spring 2019 program. As the club has just completed year 2 of their newly formed structure and development programs, ( implemented in April 2017 ), we are still making promotions within that structure based on a skaters overall skating skills and ability to participate in the recommended enrichment classes set at each level.   We are planning on setting a much more objective criteria by summer 2020 that will provide a clearer pathway through the development stages and one that is further aligned more with Long Term Athlete Development. This future criterion will be based more on a skaters’ ability to successfully demonstrate the jumping skills within the sport.

Potential Example: placement within the Senior A category would be based on a skaters’ attainment of all the double jumps fully rotated up to and including the double Lutz plus two different double + double combination jumps.


There will be 3 separate competition simulations set on the following dates throughout the summer schedule:

Wednesday 17th July 2019                              6:00 – 7:00 pm

Wednesday 24th July 2019                              6:00 – 7:00 pm

Wednesday 31st July 2019                              6:00 – 7:00 pm

These simulations are set for the skaters competing in the Super Series SummerSkate competition being held in Burnaby from August 15th through 18th 2019. We will inform members of the actual standards for these simulations once we have completed the list of entries. There is not enough time for all skaters to complete all 3 simulations and only skaters who have two separate competition programs ( short and free ) will have the option to complete 2 of the 3.


We will also be hosting weekly themed days throughout the summer each Thursday of the week. Please watch the notice board and club social media outlets to stay informed on these fun days. Prizes and rewards will be given to those skaters demonstrating the best efforts in arriving at the rink in the specified themed attire or requirements.


Summer registration is now open in Uplifter. Please register each skater on their own invoice to ensure you receive the maximum discount possible. Summer discounts are based on the number of day’s you are skating in the summer on each separate invoice. Please ensure you register for all the day’s you are skating in the summer on one invoice to obtain a higher discount. Invoices will not be adjusted if you did not book all your skating days on one invoice to receive higher discounts. Registration will remain open for the entire summer, so please buy extra day’s as you see fit. Register early to ensure you are included in the coaching schedule!

The Sungod Skating Club Coaching staff are looking forward to a great summer and are excited to further develop our skaters and start preparations for the new competition season. Summer is a great time for skaters to take advantage of their training within the sport as they do not have the added commitment of their school schedules to contend with. We hope skaters will register for as much of the summer program as they can so that they can take advantage of this opportunity to further develop their skills and skating endeavours.

Wishing you a wonderful break over the next few weeks and all the best for the end of your school year. Looking forward to working with everyone in July and August again.


Kevin Bursey
Director of Programs
Sungod Skating Club