Volunteer Policy Update

Please be advised that Sungod Skating Club is updating our timeline for volunteers to complete their required hours. Volunteer deposits will continue to be required in September with registration to the Fall/Winter season, but families will now have until August 31 to complete their hours. Deposits for completed hours will be returned that following September. This will allow members a FULL year to accumulate their volunteer hours and give families a range of volunteer opportunities, times and seasons that will work for a variety of schedules.

In recognition that 2019 is the transition year to this new policy, Sungod is making the following ONE TIME ONLY exceptions and extensions:

* Those families who have not completed their volunteer hours by end of Winter season, will have until August 31/19 to complete their hours and receive their 2018 deposit back in September. With any incomplete hours as of Aug. 31, the deposit will be considered forfeit.

* A reminder email will be sent in February to only those families with outstanding volunteer hours.

* Those families who have completed their volunteer hours by the end of this Winter season, will have the one-time option to request their volunteer deposit for credit this Spring or hold off until September. Those families wanting to take the credit in Spring must make this request in writing to the Club Registrar.

* Starting at and going forward from September 2019, all applicable membership will have until the end of August to fulfil their volunteer requirements and have their deposit returned upon completion in the following September.

We will continue to need volunteer support throughout the coming Spring and Summer season with music playing, simulations and special events, and would gratefully appreciate the continued activity of all the membership.

If you have any questions regarding these new updates, please contact Nicole via email (

Finally, Sungod Skating Club would like to take this opportunity to thank all our hard-working volunteers who have dedicated their time.

Thank-you – we cannot run this Club and move forward in the future without YOU!