Sungod Skating Club


​​Fall Season:

September 5- December 22

Winter Season:

January 8- March 16

Award Certificates Winners 2017

Best Sportsmanship: Tasha Lai & Priya Sahota
Best Work Ethic: Leila McManus
Most Overall Improved Dryland: Isabelle Brosinski & Nitya Goel
Most Improved Stroking and Skatiing Skills: Crystal Wong
Most Outstanding Field Moves: Katherine Kang & Manheer Dhaliwal                        
Most Improved Artistically: Briya Parhar & Keira Deane
Most Improved Spins: Jennifer Somerville & Isabella Lai
Most Improved Jumps: Lucie Shaver & Jennifer Somerville    

Most Overall Improved: Julie-Anne Wang & Violet Iverson
First Axel Award: Caden Chen, Crystal Wong, Janet Badhesha,

Julie Manner, Lucie Shaver & Nicole Zhang
Coaches Choice Volunteer of the Year: Cora Deane

PA’s of the Month                                                  
January           Hannah Hutchinson                         
February        Janet Badhesha
March             Jennifer Somerville
April                Pareena Sidhu
May                 Priya Sahota

High School Graduates: Briya Parhar

Sept 24- 1st Sunday Canskate

Oct 10- 1st Canpower session
Oct 19- No Dryland sessions
Oct 20-22 Autumn Leaves competition (Chilliwack) Star 1 & UP
Oct 23- No Daytime sessions
Nov 9-12- Section Championship (Parksville)
Nov 13- Magic Monday (Star 1-5)
Nov 13- Jingle Blade Simulation
Nov 19- No Skating
Nov 23- No Daytime sessions
Nov 24-26 Jingle Blade Competition (Surrey) Star 1 & UP
Dec 22- No Daytime session
Dec 22- Family Holiday Event 6-8:30pm
Dec 24-Jan 7- Winter Break
Dec 27-29 Holiday Ice
Jan 8- 1st Day of Winter Season
Feb 2-4- Winterskate Competition (Chilliwack)
Feb 15- No Daytime sessions
Feb 22- No Daytime Sessions
Mar 4- Last Sunday Canskate
Mar 6- Last Tuesday Canskate/Canpower
Mar 9- Ice Rehearsal
Mar 11- No Skating
Mar 16- Last day of Winter Skate
April 3- 1st day of Spring Skating​​


Sungod Scholarships 2017

Canskate: Aiden Naicker, Hannah Voo, Makenzie Colina, Olive Pike, Phoebe Kao & Ryan Jagpal

Starskate Academy: Lilly Cheng

Junior Stars Academy:  Ava Macedo & Zoe Cheng

Star 1: Keira Deane
Star 2: Taylor Perkins
Star 3: Peyton Reid
Star 4: Julie Manner
Star 5: Katelyn Reis             
Sr Bronze- Gold: Jennifer Somerville
Pre Juvenile-Juvenille: Kathryn Rektor
Pre-Novice-Novice: Kyran Steuart
PA of the Year: Kyran Steuart
Huffington Award: Pareena Sidhu