Sungod Skating Club


A unique program that focuses on basic skating skills: balance on edges, skating stance, stops, turns, change of direction.  To maximize ability to reach a powerful forward and backward stroke, skaters must understand and feel balance on their edges.  The balance on a one foot edge with correct body position allows the freedom to progress to crossovers and other agility skills.

This program is designed to offer technical development of skating skills for hockey and ringuette players. The focus in on the development of CORRECT skating skills – backwards, forwards (both directions), pivots, stop (backwards, forwards), crossovers (forward, backwards, both directions).

The emphasis is on correction and improving technique.  The full surface of the ice will be used for a cardio component.

Participants will be grouped by agility, age and/or size. Drills & lessons will be implemented in a progressive, challenging & fun format.

Participants must have passed CanSkate level 4 or equivalent. Coaches will move participants back to CanSkate if they aren’t ready for CanPower session.

**Participants are required to wear full hockey gear.

Canpower is on Tuesdays from 8:15-9:00 PM at Sungod Arena Starting October 10, 2017- March 16, 2018